Who’s Karma.

The start of something new! Karma by Hot Lava is a brand new collection from the designers of Hot Lava Beach & Resort Wear. Karma reflects a stylish and elegant ready-to-wear collection for the cosmopolitan woman. Our designs are feminine, blending elegance and ease into timeless pieces; effortless without being basic. Karma brings a hint of joie the vivre to your wardrobe.

The SS18 collection is classy, consisting of items with smooth earthy tones that can all be perfectly mixed and matched with classics as flared jeans and linnen shorts. Nudes and naturals such as Blush, Rusty, White & Black are central. These go well together with fashionable colours as New Ocean and Terra. All uni colours easily blend with the sophisticaded Snake print and the outspoken Fantasy print.

The femininity of the collection is emphasised on free flowing dresses and lightweight tunics. Subtle naked shoulders bring a bit of sexyness into the designs.

The collection will constantly be expanded with new accessoires, such as leather bracelets, belts and stylish sandals. All this to complete the look of the Karma woman.

Designed With Care

Karma’s collection products are designed with care. Every piece is handmade, fair trade and created with love. The timeless designs are made with clean lines and innovative textiles to fit the life of the modern woman.


The products are made to make every woman feel comfortable as well as beautiful. Due to use of this modern fabric the pieces will look good and feel comfortable no matter what body type you have.


The fabrics that are used for the Karma collection are rayon voile and rayon crinkle. These textiles create comfortable clothes which feel and look like wool, silk, linen and cotton.


At Karma we believe in getting what you give. For this reason, we produce ethical fashion. It is important to us that all our co-workers in the supply chain are well taken care of, therefore we work together with self-employed tailors who receive good wages.